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What No One Tells You When Someone Dies

Oh it has been a long time since I wrote a blog post. I never meant for it to fall by the way side but I know exactly why it happened. 
So many of you reading this will know how out of place in the world you feel when you lose a parent. I don’t know if it happens when you lose your Mum or Dad that you weren’t close with or one that didn’t have a massive role in your life from birth but I had the picture-perfect Dad so this is the only perspective I know. The phrase ‘my world was rocked’ did not make sense before I lost Dad, however it now is crystal clear to me. I no longer had my dad to keep me right and fill up my self confidence cup because, if you were blessed with a good one, no one loves you like your daddy loves you. I felt out of place in the world, I remember the first time I left the house after he died and I said to Graeme that it feels strange being in a world that he isn’t alive in anymore. Everything became dated by before Dad died, and then after. I felt like my anchor ha…

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